Gynecology Services

Our Gynecology Services at the Village of Healing Center are tailored to meet the unique and evolving needs of women throughout every stage of life. We prioritize preventive care and overall well-being, offering a comprehensive range of services that ensure our patients receive the highest standard of gynecological healthcare.

Annual Gynecologic / Well-Women Exams

Our Annual Gynecologic / Well-Women Exams serve as a cornerstone of our approach, enabling our experienced practitioners to conduct thorough assessments and screenings. Regular pap smears are an integral part of these exams, allowing for early detection and prevention of cervical health issues.

STI Screenings & Treatment

STI screening and treatment are fundamental components of our commitment to promoting sexual health and safety. We understand the importance of confidentiality and sensitivity in these matters, ensuring that our patients feel comfortable discussing any concerns they may have.

Menstrual Problems

For those experiencing menstrual problems — such as painful periods, heavy bleeding, or irregular cycles — our gynecology services provide expert diagnosis and personalized treatment plans to address irregularities and discomfort, ultimately improving quality of life.

Teenage Gynecology

Puberty can be a confusing and challenging time. Teenage gynecology is a specialized area of our practice, dedicated to supporting the unique healthcare needs of adolescents — whether that is emotional support for issues such as acne, body image, drug / alcohol abuse, or assisting our patients in treatment for heavy, painful, or irregular cycles. Our team takes a compassionate and educational approach to empower young Black women with knowledge and guidance for their health journey.

Menopause Concerns

During the transition into menopause, women may face various physical and emotional changes. Our gynecology services offer attentive care and support, addressing menopause concerns and exploring appropriate management options to optimize comfort and well-being.

Birth Control

Birth control is the act of preventing pregnancy. Methods include medications, procedures, devices, and behaviors.  Some methods, such as condoms, are widely available at drug stores. Other methods, such as prescription pills, require seeing a clinician.  Because there are so many different methods of birth control, we are here to counsel you on all of them and assist you in making the best informed decision.

At The Village of Healing Center, we view gynecological care as a collaborative partnership between our skilled medical team and our valued patients. Our commitment to excellence, empathy, and patient-centered care ensures that every woman who entrusts us with her health receives the utmost attention and support in maintaining her optimal well-being.

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