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The Village of Healing Center

The Village of Healing Center is dedicated to providing high-quality health care services that cater to the social and cultural needs of our patients, ultimately enhancing health outcomes and optimizing the quality of care to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities. Our commitment is to offer healthcare solutions to our community with providers and healthcare that looks like them. Our primary focus lies in promoting healthcare that fosters not just surviving but overall thriving.

With a patient-centric approach, our team diligently works to ensure that every individual receives personalized and culturally sensitive care, thereby contributing to a healthier and more inclusive community. At The Village of Healing Center, we strive to be a beacon of excellence in healthcare, delivering services that prioritize well-being, equal access, and optimal health for all

Health Services


At Village of Healing, promoting good health and preventing disease is our goal. We address the unique medical situations and concerns that may present at all the different stages of a woman’s life.


Wherever you are in your pregnancy journey, the team at Village of Healing is here to help put you at ease through this beautiful process you are about to begin.

Mental Health

We offer mental health services designed to help you with anything you need – whether it is individual counseling, depression counseling, mood disorders, or grief and loss, we are prepared to help you through it all.


Staying on top of your vaccination schedule is important. That’s why we offer vaccines like Gardasil or the Flu vaccine to make sure all of our patients are prepared.

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At The Village of Healing Center, we offer an array of health services for our community. Our services include gynecology, obstetrics, mental health services, vaccines, tele-health, and more. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.