Programs we offer

Programs we offer

At the Village of Healing Center, we take pride in offering a variety of transformative programs that empower and uplift women within our community. Our programs are designed to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where women can connect, mentor, and inspire one another, fostering personal growth and healing.

Mother-to-Mother Mentorship Program

Our Mother-to-Mother Mentorship Program is a heartfelt initiative aimed at providing one-on-one direct support and mentorship to black mothers who are currently experiencing a maternal mental health complication (MMHC). We understand the unique challenges that mothers may face during this critical time, and our compassionate mentors offer guidance, empathy, and understanding to empower these women through their journey. This program creates a safe space for mothers to share their concerns, receive valuable support, and build a strong network of sisterhood.

Black Professional Women’s Group (BPWG)

The Black Professional Women’s Group is a special program tailored to women who are 30 years old or older and hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. BPWG serves as a safe and empowering support space for professional Black women to be unapologetically themselves, fostering vulnerability, laughter, and shared experiences. This unique program allows talented black women to connect with like-minded individuals who understand their challenges and triumphs. The focus of BPWG is on healing, nurturing a supportive community where women can embrace their individual journeys and uplift one another.

At the Village of Healing Center, we believe that strong communities are built upon the principles of mentorship, support, and camaraderie. Our programs offer an opportunity for women to grow personally and professionally while sharing their stories, successes, and struggles. Through these transformative initiatives, we aim to create lasting bonds and empower women to embrace their full potential, promoting resilience and healing for every member of our community. Join us in these enriching programs, and together, let us cultivate a vibrant network of women supporting women, where healing, growth, and celebration abound.